Should I Plead Not Guilty to My New York Speeding Ticket?

Receiving a speeding ticket can be a daunting experience, and it's important to consider your options carefully before admitting guilt. Pleading guilty may seem like the quickest solution, but it could lead to higher insurance rates and points on your license. Here are compelling reasons why you should contemplate fighting your New York speeding ticket.

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Protect Your Clean Record

If you have an unblemished driving history, it's crucial to safeguard it. Even a single speeding ticket, especially for higher speeds, can result in a substantial increase in insurance costs.

Strong Evidence in Your Favor

A solid case is essential for contesting a speeding violation. Concrete evidence such as dashcam footage, GPS data, or photos showing obscured speed limit signs can significantly strengthen your defense. Additionally, witness testimonies or challenging the accuracy of the radar gun used can further support your case.

Avoid Accumulating Points

Accumulating points on your license can lead to suspension. In New York, you're allowed up to 10 points in an 18-month period. A conviction for an 8- or 11-point speeding ticket can lead to suspension regardless of your total points.

Potential for Reduced Charges

Outside of New York City, negotiating a plea bargain is possible. This allows you to plead guilty to a reduced charge, saving court resources and potentially minimizing penalties.

Previous Violations

If you already have traffic violations on your record, an additional conviction might push you over the limit for suspension. It's vital to fight the ticket in such cases to protect your driving privileges.

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The Costs of a New York State Speeding Ticket

Apart from fines and penalties, a driver responsibility assessment fee may be imposed if you're convicted of specific traffic offenses. This fee is in addition to any other fines and is aimed at promoting safer driving behavior.

Understanding the implications of a speeding ticket is crucial to making an informed decision. Pleading not guilty provides an opportunity to present your case, potentially resulting in a dismissal or reduced penalties. If you're facing a New York speeding ticket, seeking professional legal assistance can greatly enhance your chances of a favorable outcome.

About the New York State Driver Point System

The New York State Driver Violation Point System identifies and addresses high-risk drivers. Points are assigned for specific traffic violations, and reaching 11 points within an 18-month period can lead to license suspension. It's important to understand how points are calculated and the impact they can have on your driving record.

Take Control of Your Traffic Violation

Whether you choose to plead not guilty or need guidance on navigating the legal process, Jonathan Katz Law is here to help. Our team of experienced traffic ticket lawyers is well-versed in New York law and dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for your case. Don't let a speeding ticket define your driving record. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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I am an out of state attorney so I know a great one when I see it. They took my 4 point ticket and got it reduced to a 0 point parking violation. They were pleasant and helpful. The have a finely tuned machine and really have your back. Don't just pay the ticket, even if you are from out of state have these guys fight it. They are the best! M.C.
Got the points erased from my traffic ticket. Did prompt follow ups. Provided valuable suggestions that helped in decision making. Was upfront in what can-do and cannot do. T.M.
Having Jonathan Katz handle my traffic citation and court was worth every penny spent and was such an easy process. B.A.
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